Problems arises on selecting what to write on Blog

Hello guys!! Today I am going to write on how a newbie blogger messed up with the content selection at the time of writing article on his blog that what to write on his blog. Actually this situation is not only arises for new bloggers but also for those who haven’t intense knowledge of one niche but have little knowledge of various fields and you all know that little knowledge is more dangerous. So here is the situation of a person who wants to write on his blog but the problem is what he can write on his blog as he has not that knowledge that he can share with the readers. Thus the blogger came into situation of confusion that what to do or what not to? Here I am going to tell you the situation which I also face several times and how I came out it to a solution. May be you are facing the same problem or may be you have messed up with such situations earlier and you have more solutions of it so whatsoever it is first you need to read full article only then you can come to conclusion that it serves your purpose or you have better suggestions than this.

Queries of Bloggers at the time of writing and selecting what to write

Questions arise in mind of bloggers who haven’t select particular niche for their blog:

  1. What should I write to attract more readers on my blog?
  2. Which type of niche I should select to present my blog?
  3. Would reader love to read what I write for them?
  4. How do I select an interesting article to engage visitors?
  5. How can I write an article if I haven’t much knowledge in that particular area?
  6. Do I focus on one niche or make my blog multi niche?
  7. Am I writing blogs to earn or to express my views?
  8. From where I find genuine content to write on my Blog?

These are the various questions comes into my mind may be it comes into mind of many bloggers like me.  I came back to my blog after long time as I was totally confused what to write on my blog. Various queries comes into my mind in past days, so an idea strikes into my mind, “why don’t I write my queries onto my blog” and share with all other bloggers as it will help in getting solution and become an article at the same time. So I decided to write this article and to share this issue with you guys.

When questions arises in our mind then we also try to find out there answers as well so I tried to find out answers for these above mention situations.

How to resolve these conflicting situations?

  1. After thinking a lot a came to conclusion then I must not focus on attracting visitors on my site but I need to focus on content which is less on my site right now.
  2. No one is perfect a lot that he can write without taking help of various sources including books, internet, novels etc.
  3. Try to inculcate habit of reading if you want to write better, whatever you find interesting, get more knowledge of it and then write in your own language.
  4. Don’t write to earn first, write to share what you learned then if you get response on it then think about earning from it.
  5. Try to write in simple English first to make habit of write soon you’ll be better at writing articles. Same thing i am trying to inculcate in me.
  6. Don’t go for single niche blog if you haven’t much knowledge of that field. This will become failure for you because you haven’t knowledge of that field also your area of writing blogs becomes narrow if you go with solo niche.
  7. I was thinking about from where I can find out the content for my blog and for now I have reached to a conclusion that i will write what I learn in college as student, what I found interesting on internet. Later on when I’ll come to know that in which area i love to write then I’ll continue with that niche.

These are the few queries in my mind along with their answers. If you think you are in same trouble as I am and you have more queries and solutions etc then do comment below. Your comments will serves as an appreciation for my article. I will keep on trying posting articles like that if they serve the purpose of readers.

Kindly post your suggestions if you have any.  You feedback are valuable for me.

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