Facebook Announces Augmented Reality Camera Effects Platform, VR Spaces

From today onwards, users of the official Facebook app will be able to add AR effects to photos. Shown off on-stage, artists from around the globe will be able to offer different effects and styles for use within the camera portion of the app, accessible from the main Facebook feed page of the official apps.The new augmented reality platform will rely on three key areas in order to allow developers to build out software: Precise Location, 3D Effects, and Object Recognition with the aim being to allow developers to add layers of data and images atop what a camera is seeing, providing added context and information to users. Also available as of today for Oculus Rift and Touch devices, Facebook has also built an online meeting place that brings users and meeting participants into virtual reality. This will be Called Facebook Spaces and these areas will allow users to create identities that resemble themselves in an attempt to make everything feel as realistic as possible.

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