How to Find Patent Free Images on Google

Being a blogger we all need images for our blogs to update them which are relevant with our articles but every-time we can’t design our own images sometimes we need to take images from Google as well but there we find images that are already copyrighted and have patent rights on it so we cannot use such images because by using those images we will violate Patent rights of others and in return they can sue us for doing that. Now questions arises How to use Royalty Free ® Images using Google?

In starting Journey of blogging every blogger including me as newbie use images by directly downloading it from Google without using any filters but this step of Using Patent Images of others put you in a legal trouble. So don’t violate patent rights of others it will affect you badly in a legal way and effect your site ranking on google with panality if this issue get reported to DMCA

Ways to Find Royalty Free Blog Images on Google

Royalty Free Images are easily reusable images which do not have any Patent Restrictions on it. Prefer to use such images on your blog if you want to run your blog without any Patent Issues.

  1. Using Google Image Search
  2. Using Advanced Google Search
  3. Make your own images by taking screenshots

Searching Patent Free Images by Using Google Image Search

First and easy way to use Patent free images is simply search images on Google and then click on the images option and you will find another option after selecting image option that is Search Tools where you can filter your search preferences.> Images Option> Search Tool option> Usage Rights. You will better understand this through Image given below:

Screenshot of Selecting Royalty Free Images on Google Image Search, Screenshot of Selecting Patent Free Images on Google Image Search (Click on the image to enlarge it)

  1. In this Image just look at the navigation arrow which is navigated on Search Tools.
  2. Click on the search tools and you will get the filters marked in circle Then Click on Usage Rights where you will find drop down menu displayed in the image
  3. Then select appropriate option you want to select.
  4. Also you can select other filters like Size, Color, Type etc. for more filtered patent free images from google image search.

Searching Royalty Free Images by Using Google Advanced Image Search

Here is the another method that is used to find out the Royalty Free and Patent Free Images that is Advanced Image Search. Using this tool you can find images as per your requirements by selecting the various filters from here.

How to find Patent Free images using google advanced image search, How to find Royalty Free images using google advanced image search

Here you can select the various options to find best filtered patent free image from google. What you need to do is just save that page of Advanced Image Search into your bookmarks list and whenever you complete writing your article then open it and find best suitable images for your article.

If you find this information beneficial for you then must share it with others and if you have and suggestions then feel free to comment below.

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