How to Target Country-Specific Traffic on Website

Queries like How to generate traffic on website from countries like USA, UK and Australia, How to target traffic on website from foreign countries like USA, UK and Australia are common and major questions searched by bloggers specially those who are earning from Google Adsense. Because countries like USA, UK and Australia have bidders with more spending capacity so the CPC of countries like these are also high than countries like India. That’s why bloggers mostly prefer to generate content which drive foreign traffic of such countries in order to earn more bucks from Adsense.

I am also from one of those bloggers who are looking various ways to get traffic on their blogs from major countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada etc and that’s why I was searching throughout the internet various ways of generating foreign traffic on content blogs and learned a lot from there as Google is rich source of gaining any kind of knowledge. Now I am going to tell you too what I have learned about the tips and tricks of driving foreign traffic on our blogs.

How to target traffic of countries like USA, UK and Australia

There are various ways which you need to follow one by one in order to generated foreign countries traffic to your blog which you need to read very carefully. Follow these ways and drive traffic from overseas to earn better income from your blog.  These ways are :

Geotargeting tool in Google Webmasters

Geotargeting tool is one of the effective tools if you want to target country specific traffic. Using this tool helps you to set the priority of country from which you want to get traffic. This tool is very simple to use, if you are already using Google Webmasters then simply login to your account and go to your site dashboard of which you want to target the traffic, then go to search traffic from where you need to select international targeting where you can select country which you want to target from the country tab.

Webmasters tool login or signup > Dashboard > Search Traffic > International Targeting > Select Country.

Screenshot 1

Role of Domain Extensions in getting Targeted Traffic

.com and .org extensions are the top level extensions which rank high in the search results but their disadvantage is that these extensions have to beat much competition as compare to the extensions which specifies particular countries. So if you want to rank in other specific foreign countries then get the domain with the extension of that country which will be more beneficial than using .com and .org.

For example if you want to focus on Australia only then go for .au extension and if you want to target United Kingdom then go for .uk which will rank more faster than .com and .org.

But if your focus is on few major countries then you have to use top level extensions (.com & .org) and it take time to rank in foreign countries.

Getting domain extension of that country is not enough also tried to shift your website on the servers of that country. It will also give a positive impact on targeted traffic you are looking for.

Targeting Specific Countries Traffic through Content

In content targeting you need to target the countries more specifically in titles, Meta tags and description if you are looking for traffic from a specific country. Using targeted countries as your keyword in various portions of your article makes your content more specific and clearly defines which country you are targeting to search engines too.

Another important point to remember to get traffic from targeted countries like Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom etc is to write content that matches to the standards of that particular country if you want traffic from that country. If you are not good at writing then first you need to learn language and gain proficiency in it then you can write effective article that can generate tons of traffic for you or hire Pro-writers to write content for you.

Value of Backlinks for Generating Targeted Traffic

Initially Backlinks used as yardstick by Google for determining how popular a site is? Now with changes in time a lot of changes take place but still Backlinks plays significant role in SEO and targeting traffic.

So it is better to generate good quality Backlinks for your site related to your site niche and from those countries websites of which traffic you are focusing.

How you can generate these countries specific Backlinks

  • Use Alexa as a source to find out the websites which are on top ranks in various countries. Search sites of that country of which traffic you are looking for.
  • Make a list of websites of that country.
  • Now you can use to safe options of getting Backlinks from those websites. One is do blog commenting and if you are a fine blog writer then go for second option which is guest posting on those websites.

Remember: Make Backlinks from those websites which are similar to your niche otherwise it will be dead link soon from the active Backlink. If you keep on generating Backlinks from irrelevant sites instead of getting benefits from it your website or blog will be de-ranked soon by Google.

Websites Submission in Directories and Local Search Engines

Find Directories and search engines used locally in those countries like Unite States of America, UK, Canada and Australia. Submit your website there. But remember submit your website in those directories which are related to your niche.

Benefit of Google Trends tool for getting target countries traffic

Google Trends is the very powerful tools that help you to see the traffic of the particular keyword in different countries. So there you can find keywords which are popular in the countries you are planning to focus on.

screenshot 2

I simple search keyword iPhone in my google trends tab where i select trends for this year 2016 and get trending of this keyword in various countries in year 2016. Like this you can search out your keywords and plan how to make article accordingly.

Before start writing any article make a rough note for your reference that what you gonna write, which country you want to focus and which keywords you will be focusing in that article. This is how you can write an effective article for your blog that generates traffic and money for you.

Use Targeted Keyword in Title

Ofcourse title plays significant role in generating targeted traffic from the targeted locations. It is not only the Backlinks or article length only matters. Title also play very important role in attracting users to your website. Google can rank your website on first page if your article quality is good but can’t persuade users to open that particular website. So for that there is need of strong title which convince users to come up to your website. Add Targeted keywords, power keywords, emotional keywords, common keywords, and uncommon keywords to your title that is how you can write effective titles that will generate traffic and money too.

Example: if you are writing an article on the Economy of a country like USA, then must mention the name of that country as targeted keyword into your title if you are looking traffic for that country.

This is all you have to do in order to generate targeted traffic for you website or blog. Now it’s time to see what are the result means you must keep an eye on the results as well that you are getting required results of not.

To know the results use SEMrush tool that will help you to track your site’s performance. There are also many other tools available on internet through which you can track your website performance.

This was all about How to generate traffic on a blog from USA, UK, Australia, and Canada and other targeted countries. I explained what I have learned from the internet. If you find it beneficial for you then must share it with others too and if you know any other way other than explained above then let me know about it too via comments.

Thanks for reading and share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Linkedin etc. You can also like my Facebook page for more updates.

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