How to Recover Website if Data got Deleted from Server by Mistake

Managing a website for a non  technical person is a big problem specially if your business is on small scale and you can’t hire any expert to handle your website servers. So while Handling servers on your own if you loose your website data then How you can recover website data if you delete data from your File Manger of C-Panel.

Here is fully fledged detail on how you can recover your site if you delete that site by mistake from the C-panel of your hosting account of Godaddy but all you need to do is to read carefully as this article is based on my recent experience that I am sharing with you here.

How  my Website Data Deleted from Godaddy Hosting by mistake

Today I was deleting few of my sites which I don’t need now but during deleting those websites from my hosting account I have deleted all other sites from there. Now this becomes a big problem for me as if I don’t recover it then I will lose whole data of all of my sites. But then I find other way to recover it. 5 Minutes after losing that all sites I recovered those sites with their data but the question is how to recover it? Now first of all before solving any problem you must come to know that what the exact problem is. First here I’ll tell you that whole scenario which I faced with screenshots that I made to prepare an article for you.

1. When I open my hosting account and go to manage hosting in Godaddy account.

Screenshot of manage hosting in Godaddy account., Manage Hosting in Godaddy account Button Screenshot

2. Then after click on manage hosting


3. I go to File Manager.


4. Then after that I select the root directory to access the files and folders of those few sites but by mistake after opening that


5. I go to Public_HTML and delete all the files, folders and directories from it because of which I lose all my active sites.


How do I Recover my Website Data from Godaddy Hosting

5. But then I click on trash folder and then on view trash folder, here were all those files which I have deleted recently.


6. Then I select all the those files and by clicking on the move button I select the root of Public_HTML and all the files come again to their previous locations and all sites started working as they were working before.

Still want to say that Godaddy hosting is best as they provide option to make auto backup which helps in uncertainties like this. Always use auto backup option in your servers for your site if you don’t want to lose that site.

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