IOS 10.3 Problems

As apple has silently replaced the 30 year old file system with its Apple file system in IOS 10.3, the new operating system was expected to show some problems as it was rewriting the existing file system but after its launch a day ago nothing major was reported by the users.

We tested the new operating system and found it smooth and fast then previous version but we encountered the couple of problems which we would like to mention here;

IOS 10.3 Problems or Problems in IOS 10.3

1: When listening songs from earphones we encountered freezing problems with the controls of Earpod and to make them work again we had to restart the iphone.

2:  It took more time to install the operating system than the previous version. But that is a minor issue which could have happened in the rewriting process of entire file system.

3: While exporting the voices memos to more than one recipient of Whatsapp we encountered a problem when the OS gave error message which red the voice memos were not saved.

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