What are Backlinks -Full Guide

Backlink is basically the incoming link, which means the link that our site receives and the link that we made for our website from directories, websites and high quality web pages. A Hyperlink which is liked from another website to your website is known as Backlink.

Backlinks represents the reputation of a website, blog or directory. To make you understand this point i have an example here, just read it carefully and understand:

For Example: The reputation of a person can be judged from his or her neighborhood or surroundings. we creates perception of a person according to his surroundings in which he lives. If a person lives in the surroundings where people like smugglers, thieves and all such people live then we create same perception for that person too, whether he is a good person.

Similarly when we get quality Backlinks for our site then our site is treated as quality website providing quality information but when we create useless and low quality Backlinks then our site is considered as low quality website whether you provide good quality stuff there.

So be careful while making Backlinks for your website. Focus on quality than quantity.

Importance of Backlinks in Website SEO

Search Engines consider various factors for ranking a website on search results in which Backlinks are the main factor of ranking website on first page of search results. More quantity of quality Backlinks you have linked on your website or webpage more SEO will of your website and webpage.

Try to make Quality Backlinks. Keep on Commenting on various high rated quality blogs related to your website content.

Types of Backlinks

Different types of Backlinks are there which includes:

  • Dofollow Links
  • Nofollow Links
  • Editorial link
  • Resource link
  • Acquired link
  • Reciprocal link
  • Black hat link building
  • White hat link building

These are the few various types of links all have there own importance. so this was simple explanation on what are backlinks and why backlinks are important and what are the various types of backlinks. If you find this informative for you then must share it with everyone.

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