Why Adding an Image to Blog Post is Important

This is the most common question of everyone that How to do SEO of a Blog Post ? Which techniques are to be followed to rank our Article on the first page of google? For that read full article on it which is linked above. Here i am going to tell you various benefits of adding image to your blog post.

10 Powerful Reasons to add Image in your Post

  1. Adding Image is very important for making interest of readers so that don’t feel boring while reading your content.
  2. Image Speaks itself about the topic you are trying to explain.
  3. Image increases content in your article because you have to provide Image Title, Caption, Alt Keywords and Description of post.
  4. Visualization has more Impact on viewers instead of content. So when you add images with content then it make more impact on readers and they can understand easily what exactly you are trying to explain.

How to Add Image in Post with Better SEO

  1. Adding Image to Blog Post helps in boosting up the SEO of the Article.
  2. Images get Optimized more Quickly than content.
  3. Always select the keyword and rename the image with that keyword prior uploading to media.
  4. Now don’t think you have to stuff keywords in it. All you need to do is explain in ”Caption’ of the Image attribute what exactly image is about. It Helps in making long term quality SEO stable for that post.
  5. Add Alt Text of the image. Here add 2-3 keywords which explains your image best. Add Description to your Image. Don’t stuff keywords in that if you don’t want to be penalized by Google in its updates.
  6. Don’t copy images of others and directly upload to your website. In this way you will violate copyright of others and they can file complaint against you. So try adding your own edited Images or Use Patent Free Images without Copyright Issues.

See Benefits of Adding Image in these screenshots:

Images of Content SEO, Wallpapers of Content SEO
Screen Shot of Content SEO (Mygoogletrends)

In above Screenshot you can see that in have searched on google How to Write SEO Friendly Quality Blog Post ? which was my first article on mygoogletrends.com and my website comes on 2nd page of google which is not bad for 7 days old blog with only 3 articles and this 4th article you are reading now. But now see another screenshot and see the difference.

Screen Shot of Image SEO, Image of how to do Image SEO, Wallpaper of How to do Image SEO
Screen Shot of Image SEO (Mygoogletrends)

Here is the second screenshot above of Image SEO. See the difference here keyword is as it is How to Write SEO Friendly Quality Blog Post? and content is on second page and if you can see images then first 2 images are of mygoogletrends.com that means images are more effective in terms of SEO than content. Content takes time to get optimized but images get optimized quickly.

Thanks for reading this article and if you find anything more effective related to this topic then must comment below i’ll appreciate and update here in my content definitely.

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  • March 4, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Hi. Very usefull information dear.
    thanks for help other people.
    good work keep it up.

    • March 5, 2017 at 4:07 am

      Your welcome Gulshan. And also share content with others too for helping other fellow bloggers..


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